Practicing is a Major Part of Our Lives
Competency Based Medical Education is a critical component of safe practice. Competency requires skill, and skill development requires practice and feedback. We are working hard to help provide components of CBME to individuals and training programs across the globe.
Our Philosophy
Understanding and Logic
We believe that understanding a concept is better than simply memorizing facts.
Skill Development
Skills are different than knowledge. Skills require lots of practice and feedback.
We teach only the details that are clinically important. This increases efficiency.
Feedback Responsiveness
We use your feedback and performance data of 100's of users to improve and optimize our cases.
Practice until your skills reach your target goal. Your performance matters.
Many schools, experts, and researchers are collaborating to create high quality resources for you.
Learn complex concepts in a simple way. We break down topics that is easy for you to understand.
We record your performance data and create dashboards of stats for you to see.
Our Team
Dr. Jason Waechter MD FRCP(C)
Dr. Waechter has a passion for medical education and created in 2005. He received his medical training in Canada and is board certified in Cardiac Anesthesiology, Intra-operative TEE, and Critical Care. He currently works full time and is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary. He has volunteered in a medical and educational capacity in Nepal and the Philippines. He enjoys outdoor swimming and mountain biking and is co-author of the textbook "Applied Pharmacology".
Oz Moyal
Chief of Web Development
Oz started with in March 2013. He received a BSc in computer engineering in 2003 and an MBA in 2006. Starting from a bare skeleton of one Skill Module, he has single-handedly re-written the code for virtually the entire website including front and back end management. His main skill is ASP.Net development. He lives in Israel with his wife and 3 children. He likes to eat http cookies every morning with his coffee.
Luisa Pasca
Graphics Design Artist
Currently living in Romania, Luisa's amazing artwork and design skills transformed the look of From the creation of our logo to our home page to color schemes and icons galore, Luisa's artistic prowess to make look far better than it used to. Her skills include design of brochures, web banners, advertising graphics, and business cards. She is also experienced in magazine and newspaper design, book covers and layout design.
Dr. Chel Hee Lee PhD
Senior Statistician
Dr. Lee is a Senior Statistician in the Department of Critical Care Medicine with Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary, and also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. His current research centers on developing statistical algorithms and applications in clinical research and medical education for evidence-based care delivery to critically ill patients. He is also interested in the theory and application of imprecise probability to lead a reasonable course of decision-making in medical science.
Let's level up your
diagnostic skills