Bedside echocardiography TTE assessments are essential in patients who are hypotensive, in shock, or hemodynamically unstable. This practice module provides 50 cases with feedback for you to develop your interpretation skills for LV and RV systolic function, volume assessment, and pericardial assessment. Designed for non-cardiologists.
Level 1
Learn basic transthoracic echo (TTE) views and normal anatomy.
5 practice
181 practice
Level 2
Real life cases of hypotension and shock for you to diagnose with TTE.
0 practice
50 practice
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5 lessons, videos and practice cases will train your skills to identify normal TTE views and normal anatomy on transthoracic echocardiography. Designed for the non-cardiologist.
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50 real life pathology cases will train your skills to interpret LV and RV function, volume assessment, and pericardial tamponade assessment. Included also is treatment suggestions for the case and highly detailed case explanations for every case.
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