Our Philosophy

Our website is designed with a number of principles that include:

  1. Globally accessible and forever freely available for trainees in under-resourced regions.
  2. Efficiency: teach using few words.
  3. Understandability: explain the complex in a simple way.
  4. Relevance: teach only the details are that clinically important.
  5. Competency: focus on real life performance.
  6. An emphasis on understanding and logic over memorization.
  7. Simplicity: page design with no advertising.
  8. Collaboration: two experts are better than one.
  9. Feedback responsiveness: we listen and improve.
  10. Skill development requires theory, followed by cycles of practice and feedback.
  11. Logbooking: keep track of what you have done.
We will strive to meet all these principles at all times. Our highest priority is to provide useful learning resources for as many aspects of health care training as we can.

Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) is a critical component of safe practice. We are working hard to help provide components of CBME to individuals and training programs across the globe.