Chest X-ray Level 2 Tutorial: Congestive Heart Failure
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Tutorial: Congestive Heart Failure
Learn an approach to CHF findings on chest x-ray
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Tutorial: Congestive Heart Failure CHF Summary
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CHF Summary
In summary, there are a number of findings on CXR that support the diagnosis of CHF.

Remember that none of these findings are 100% specific. This means that each finding could be caused by another disease or pathological process. For example, pleural effusions are caused by CHF but are also caused by pneumonia, cancer, and many other etiologies.

The list of findings on CXR that support a diagnosis of CHF include:
  1. Cardiothoracic ratio  > 0.5
  2. Enlarged pulmonary vessels larger than accompanying airways
  3. Vascular redistribution
  4. Peribronchial cuffing
  5. Kerley (septal) lines
  6. Alveolar edema that is symmetrical, central, and usually dependent
  7. Fluid in the fissures
  8. Blunted costophrenic angles
We will soon provide a CXR CHF practice module. Please check back soon for this practice module where you can practice your skills at identifying the findings of CHF.